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Samsung Galaxy S5 Data Cable 1.5 Meter - Black - Uk Mobile Store
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Data Cable 1.5 Meter - Black


    The official Samsung microUSB 3.0 cable enables you to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy's microUSB 3.0 port. The Samsung microUSB 3.0 Data Cable enables much higher speeds for charging as well as data transfer. In other words, you can now transfer files, documents, videos and photos to and from your Samsung smartphone much faster than before, and charging the device will take lesser time.

    Main Features:

    • Genuine Samsung accessory
    • Enables fast data transfer speeds up to 4GB/s
    • Charges the Samsung smartphone much faster than a USB 2.0 cable
    • 1.5 Metre in length
    • Colour: Black

    As the USB 3.0 supports transfer speeds of up to 4GB/s, it is possible to transfer files, no matter their size, at blazing speeds to and from the Samsung smartphone. The USB 3.0 offers up to 900mAh output current, as opposed to the 500mAh of the previous versions. This means almost twice the charging speed of the previous versions, saving a lot of time.

    Compatible With:

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    • Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2