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Samsung Galaxy S3 / S2 / Note Micro USB to USB Converter - GB Mobile Ltd

Samsung Galaxy S3 / S2 / Note Micro USB to USB Converter


    Converts micro USB port to standard USB for USB On-The-Go functionality

    This pocket-sized device turns your Smartphone into a USB host, allowing you to connect compatible USB accessory devices such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives and more to your phone.

    Small and discreet for easy transportation

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note Micro USB converter is designed to be as small as possible given the functionality it provides. This makes it very pocketable, so you can take it with you wherever you have your phone

    Genuine Samsung product made for Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note

    This is a genuine Samsung part, and has been made for and fully tested with the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note so you can be confident of perfect compatibility with your phone

    Compatible with

    • Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Samsung Galaxy S2
    • Samsung Galaxy Note