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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit - GB Mobile Ltd
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit - GB Mobile Ltd
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit - GB Mobile Ltd
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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit


    Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kit features the essential accessories which all users will require to give a kick-start to your elegant Note 7 device. It includes a wireless charging pad to power your phone wherever you wish, and a high quality case to ensure effective protection at all the times.

    Start The Exploration
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit Black (ET-KN930ABEGWW) lets you explore the Samsung Note 7 features inside out. Once you have the Note 7 in your hand, users will appreciate the shiny profile of the device. Each user is offered in this starter kit with a wireless charging pad and a protective clear cover case to keep it protected. The wireless charging pad delivers the seamless advantage of the Note 7's awesome built-in wireless charging capability.

    Slimline & Sleek
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit Black (ET-KN930ABEGWW) comes with an official Galaxy Note 7 Qi wireless charging pad has been designed to complement the stylish profile of Samsung Note 7's elegant style and sleeker profile. This wireless charging solution is equally useful for domestic usage or at workplace. Additionally the aesthically designed wireless charging pad amplifies the interior while resting on a side table or a desk. Say goodbye to the tangled wires, breakage as well as the short-circuiting. The charging pad actually looks aesthetically pleasing with its smooth contours and clean lines.

    Main Features:

    • It is a genuine Samsung starter kit to get you started
    • It is utterly sleek and ultra slim in design and complements the Samsung Note 7 design
    • It creates an effective and consistent electromagnetic field for Qi wireless fast charging
    • It is equipped with intelligent charging feature ensuring over-charging prevention
    • It is designed in a bumper-style which allows the users to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 elegance
    • It is an official Samsung accessories made for the Galaxy Note 7
    • It ensures your device remains slim and light and does not add any bulk at all
    • It perfectly allows seamless access to all ports, controls & connectors
    • It is fully Qi wireless charging compatible
    • Colour - Black (ET-KN930ABEGWW)

    Uniform Electromagnetic Technology
    The Samsung Qi Wireless creates a uniform electromagnetic field to deliver the fast charging. The inductive coupling that sends an energy charge from the charging pad to your phone is also hosted by the same electromagnetic field. This makes for a beautiful space saving way to charge your phone at your desk, office or at home.

    Intelligent Device Protection
    The Samsung Qi Wireless Charger is equipped with an automatic shut off feature prevents your Galaxy Note 7 from continuing to charge once the battery is full, providing a smarter, more efficient charging solution over traditional mains chargers.

    Clarity, Coverage, & Protection
    The clear cover case in this Note 7 Starter kit has a bumper style custom designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It lets you enjoy the view of stunning Note 7 with its hybrid design such as it is the perfect blend of a bumper and a full enclosure case. The sleek metallic bumper runs neatly around your Note 7's edges to provide excellent side on protection as well as a raised lip which guards against damage when placed face down on a flat surface. The cover case is made of polycarbonate delivering the transparent protection as well as fresh look even with continued use.

    Officially Samsung
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Starter Kit Black (ET-KN930ABEGWW) is an official Samsung products, and so made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. This kit is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

    What's in the Package:

    • Samsung Note 7 Starter KIT Inductive Charging Pad - Black
    • USB Type A to MicroUSB - Black
    • Clear cover and display folio - Black

    Compatible With:

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 7