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Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 - Green - Uk Mobile Store
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 - Green - Uk Mobile Store
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 - Green - Uk Mobile Store

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 - Green


    The DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate uses the popular Qi wireless charging standard. It works with a wide range of devices and it can be powered by a USB port. Take the DT-903 with you, plug it into a USB port and enjoy quick and easy charging.

    Notification light - Know what’s happening on your phone without even looking at it. When you have paired your Nokia Lumia smartphone with the Wireless Charging Plate, the notification light on the charger glows for missed calls and messages and even better, setting it up is easy.

    Pair a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled Nokia Lumia smartphone with the wireless charging plate and a soft light will ‘breathe’ from beneath the charger when the battery is running low. A subtle reminder to charge your phone makes wireless charging even more convenient!

    Designed to perfectly complement your Lumia smartphone, the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is designed to reflect the contemporary and sleek styling of all new Nokia handset releases. Whether it is for use in the home or office, the wireless charging plate will look fantastic.

    Please note: Please ensure your Nokia Lumia smartphone is 'Qi wireless charging compatible' either built-in or with a special Qi-enabled case or accessory. Bluetooth 4.0 LE required for extended notification features.

    • Width: 76mm
    • Length: 159mm
    • Thickness: 8.9mm
    • Weight: 150g
    • Cable length: 150cm
    • Charging connectors: USB
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
    • NFC: Pairing
    Power Management
    • Wireless charging standard: Qi
    • Charger input current: 2500mA
    • Charger input voltage: 5V DC

    Compatible With: Lumia 1020, Lumia 1320, Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 820, Lumia 830, Lumia 920