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Nokia HD-10 Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones - White - Uk Mobile Store
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Nokia HD-10 Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones - White


    If you ever find that you wish to share the display of your Nokia smart phone with others, you will likely want the Nokia HD-10 NFC TV Adapter. This accessory enables you to easily and conveniently share the contents of you phone screen to an HDTV, so there is no need for everyone to crowd around your mobile.

    The HD-10 uses new WiFi Direct Miracast technology, think of it like a wireless HDMI cable. With Miracast, you can beam exactly what is being shown on your screen to the HD-10. What's great about Miracast is the phone and the adapter speak directly to each other, so you don't take up resources on the main WiFi network.

    It connects to your TV via a physical HDMI cable, but you don’t have to leave your smart phone by the TV. Your Lumia 930 or other Miracast compatible phone can simply search for the HD-10 signal and start streaming wirelessly when connected.

    Even better, there is also a removable NFC disc which can sit on your coffee table, or some other convenient location. This enables you to easily pair up to the HD-10 without searching for it, plus others can swap into the connection quickly.

    This accessory is perfect for business and home use, as you can view any app content, presentation or web page. In addition you can also stream movies and play games thanks to the screen being mirrored exactly.

    The Nokia HD-10 NFC TV Adapter has been designed for Lumia smart phones, but it also works with other devices so it is possible to share the screen of any Wi-Fi certified Miracast smart phone or tablet including many Android devices with version 4.2 or higher.

    Reason to buy

    • Real time screen sharing from Lumia 930 and other Miracast enabled devices
    • Steam presentations, web pages, video and games
    • Portable NFC pairing disc for easy location
    • Wireless connection



    • AV connectors: HDMI-A
    • Charging connectors: Micro-USB
    • USB: USB for software updates
    • Wi-Fi: WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • WLAN Security: WPA2-Personal, WPA-Personal
    • Other wireless connectivity: Screen projection


    • Charger input current: 750 mA
    • Charger input voltage: 5 V DC


    • Thickness: 21 mm
    • Diameter: 80 mm
    • Weight: 115 grams


    Nokia: Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 830, Lumia 930