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LG G5 BCK-5100 Hybrid Battery Charger & Portable Battery - GB Mobile Ltd
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LG G5 BCK-5100 Hybrid Battery Charger & Portable Battery


    This official LG G5 accessory will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Using the LG G5's built-in expansion module, you can ensure your G5 lasts the day.

    Use the new expansion module slot on your LG G5 and increase the battery capacity of your phone. With quick and easy access to your LG G5, you can simply slide in the extra battery to greatly increase the amount of time you can use your LG G5 smartphone.

    Never run out of power again
    Make sure your LG G5 H850 never runs out of power.

    Use like a battery charger dedicated for the G5 H850
    Allows charging of G5 H850 extra battery.

    Use like a portable battery
    Charge any micro USB devices

    Handy indicators built into the holder
    The charger features a standard Micro USB port on the back and an LED status indicator so you know when your battery is being charged and also when it is fully charged. With it your device will be powered longer and the battery will sustain a greater amount of charge.