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LG 360 Cam Titan Silver - LGR105 - GB Mobile Ltd
LG 360 Cam Titan Silver - LGR105 - GB Mobile Ltd
LG 360 Cam Titan Silver - LGR105 - GB Mobile Ltd
LG 360 Cam Titan Silver - LGR105 - GB Mobile Ltd
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LG 360 Cam Titan Silver - LGR105


    Enjoy LG's new innovation known as the LG 360 Cam. The LG 360 Cam has made it easy to capture your surroundings on the go. You no more require large cameras and action cameras. Your LG 360 Cam captures a 360 degree view through its dual lens of all the places that you visit.

    Your LG 360 Cam is designed like a lipstick. It features a flattened cylindrical shape and a cover that is designed to protect the lens. Your LG 360 Cam weighs only 72 grams. It also features three microphones that record audio. This means that you will hear a softer or louder sound depending on the direction of your head.

    Main Features:

    • Dual Lens - Each lens can capture a 180 degree angle
    • Features a cylindrical shape
    • It is compact and light weight
    • Each camera is 13 megapixel
    • Use the smartphone app to control the camera
    • Colour: Titan Silver

    Dual Camera
    As the name suggest, your LG 360 features 2 cameras. Each of the cameras is capable of capturing 180 degrees angle . Therefore you will get a complete view of your surroundings without missing out on any activity going on. Both the camera are of 13 megapixel resolution and are capable of shooting 2K videos enabling you to never miss the most cherish moments.

    The Connection
    Your LG 360 cam connects using either Bluetooth or WiFi. Moreover, the LG 360 cam is controlled via the smartphone app. It is designed to be used with the LG G5, however, you can use it with other compatible smartphones as well.

    What's in the Package:

    • LG 360 Cam - Titan Silver

    Compatible With:

    • LG G5