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Brasso GadgetCare


    The evolutionary cleaner for all of your gadgets
    Brasso Gadgetcare has been specially developed to safely clean and shine all of your gadgets. The unique formula contains silicone and anti-static properties and removes all fingerprints and smudges. The first new product in 110 years, Brasso Gadgetcare was developed in response to hundreds of enquiries from our customers looking for a trusted Brasso product to keep your modern valuables clean and protected – and it was worth the wait.

    Cleans and shines
    Brasso Gadgetcare cleans and shines dirty and tarnished plastic and metal gadgets, from iPods to TVs, removing fingerprints and leaving a highly polished finish.

    Anti-Static Technology
    This unique technology leaves an invisible anti-static layer after cleaning that repels dust particles from your gadgets.

    Armed with silicone
    A protective layer of silicone prevents smears and keeps your gadgets looking shiny and new.

    The complete cleaning package
    Brasso Gadgetcare comes complete with a specially designed micro-fibre cloth to make removing smudges and smears quick and easy.

    Extremely versatile
    Our formula is safe to use on all kinds of gadgets from laptops to satellite navigation systems.

    Box Contains
    Each order comes with 1 x Brasso GadgetCare (50 ml) and micro fibre cloth