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BlackBerry EM-1 Charging Bundle - J-Series/Y-Cable/E-M1 - GB Mobile Ltd
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BlackBerry EM-1 Charging Bundle - J-Series/Y-Cable/E-M1


    Blackberry Battery Charger Bundle E-Series. The pack comes with 3 genuine BlackBerry accessories designed to charge you handset and the included spare battery either separately or at the same time. The J-Series charger allows you to plug in the spare battery and charge it up so you can easily replace it with the battery in your phone when it runs out of power.

    The E-M1 battery is the same battery that comes with your phone originally and is made to exactly the same specifications so you can be sure that it'll work perfectly with your BlackBerry phone. Blackberry Battery Charger Bundle E-Series Y-Cable E-M1 Battery Use the versatile BlackBerry Battery Charger in the car, home, office, with your computer via a micro-USB cable, or combine it with a Y-cable to charge your BlackBerry smartphone and battery at the same time. Stay powered up and prepared with this handy accessory.